Mud Tribe

My passion and love for Obstacle Course Racing has transcended into recruiting some of the MRPT Experience community members into our own OCR team.

Founded in 2018 we took on Tough Mudder North-West first, this then lead to Born Survivor and Tough Mudder North-West again in 2019.

Last year I was selected to be a Born Survivor and Tough Mudder Ambassador, and again for this 2020 season. In February, I completed one of the first Obstacle Race coaching course in the country. I am a qualified UK Obstacle Sports Federation coach, under World OCR, which is obviously a great honour and privilege that I am now one of 30 coaches in the country to have this qualification.

Over the last 18 months we have got together to do indoor gym and outdoor training sessions. This is designed to help team members improve on aspects of fitness that relate to obstacle course racing. 

After competing for Team UK at the 2019 OCR World Championships as an age group athlete, 2020 was shaping up to be a really good year, with more experience and knowledge I was looking to enhance the Mud Tribe's abilities. We have recruited new members to the tribe and we were extremely excited for the new season. However, Covid-19 Has spoilt everyones plans and our aspirations will have to remain on hold until next year, most likely.

If this is something that you feel could help you challenge yourself and improve your fitness levels, or you want to become apart of the Mud Tribe please get in touch.

Thanks, Matt