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To register and enter the Virtual 10K for The Christie
  1. First, go to the Just Giving Site and donate first a minimum of £10 more if you can or £30 for a family entry (all your family members taking part will get a medal). Once donated please come back to this page to register.
  2. Just Giving will send you a confirmation email, even if you donate anonymously with a 'Donation ID Number' you must add this to the form below to register for the event. Q: where is the Donation Reference? A: on-screen when you donate and then in the email as Donation Reference and also on the Donation Receipt.
  3. Use the form below to register filling in all required fields.
  4. An email will be automatically sent to you with welcome and instructions for the virtual 10k.
  5. The event begins 19th June ending 27th June, when you have finished your walk or run click the menu item V10K Proof to add your time.
Macclesfield Lions Club Just Giving Page. Links are shown here and on this page You must donate first then register as you need your Donation ID. An email welcome will be sent at the same time as you register so check your spam filters. Please remember 100% of all of your donation will go to The Christie with nothing deducted for administration by the Lions Clubs. All costs will be covered by our main sponsors Cheshire Cheese Company.
What Happens Next?  Eha
  • We will send straight away a confirmation that you have registered with us. Please consider creating your own Just Giving Sponsorship page linked to the event or download a sponsorship form
  • After you have run or walked your V10K we will send the link to the results page here you will add your time and if you want to compete individually or as a club add your elevation you need to also upload to the submit your proof page a link or picture of your smartwatch, phone, Strava, Runkeeper, Fitbit, Garmin or any other device. Any technical issues please email
  • Our sponsors Cheshire Cheese Company will post your Virtual 10K medal to your address that you give us below along with vouchers and offers from the other sponsors. 
  • PLUS you will be entered into a Free Prize Draw to win one of many great prizes from the event sponsors.
  • When you have completed the walk or run please record your results here
Please consider adding your own Just Giving fundraising page linked to our event to raise more money with your own sponsors.
We will not use or store your details for any other purpose than this event and updates about this event and other charity events we may run in the future.

Thank YOU an email is being sent to you right now check spam folders for this email

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