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transformations with The MRPT Experience

My Fitness and lifestyle change began in 2012. I lacked confidence, I was overweight and unhappy. Since then I have completed several transformations, as I have become stronger, quicker and fitter. I'll kick this segment off myself.

When clients have had their complimentary session and then sign up to the #mrptexperience training programme, I ask them to take pictures as this is a fantastic way to progress. There is no better feeling visually seeing that you have lost weight, become leaner and witness a change in your appearance.

I have been there, I know what it's like to experience the same feelings as you.

People are surprised when they see my "Before and After" pictures. They can't believe the visual significant changes. This in turn though has helped me to gain confidence, encourage others, and be happier within myself. I believe my journey helps me to be a more empathetic and more complete personal trainer.


Matthew Rigby

Personal Trainer

Left picture taken in September 2016, weighing 13st 6lbs. Just before I started my PT qualifications. At this point I had already lost a stone. At my heaviest point I was 14st 2lb (approx 95kg) in 2012.

After completing my personal training qualifications I realised I was training incorrectly for the goals I wanted. I designed myself a new training plan, encompassing various aspects of fitness. These varied from running, HIIT and circuits work to resistance and strength and conditioning.

The picture on the right was taken in July 2019. My first race after taking part in Europe's Toughest Mudder. This was the Urban 5k and I was the first person to finish. Weighing approx 12 stone (76kg).

Over this 8 year period I have experienced healthy and sustainable weight loss, dropping 2 stone (20kg) but also increasing my stamina and muscle mass.

Simon spurrell

It took me until I was 50 to finally accept what I had known for years, that I had a drink problem and it was making me dangerously depressed. Once I had faced my demons I decided it was time to turn my life around and make a better me. Only once we can like ourselves, can we make a postive change and a difference to our  lives and of those around us. 

There I was in September 2017 a recovering alcoholic, with high blood pressure; high cholesterol; overweight; very unfit and depressed. Because all everyone sees a successful businessman 'who likes a drink' thats normal and you must be happy right?

I joined the gym and for 12 months I plodded along determined to improve, it was a slow process. Then I met Matt in September 2018 and I joined his newly formed run club, #mrptrundamentalists. This was the change I needed to make serious progress and improvement. Running with a group is fun, you help and encourage one another.  I combined my running with PT strength building sessions in the gym with Matt. The routine is essential to postiviely encourage you into action, something Matt is very good at!

Nearly 3 years later I look in a mirror, I like what I see, it is a sober, fitter and healthier than I have ever been, 4 stones lighter in body and mind, happy person.


I am in the top 10% of my age running grade with PB's of 5k, 22.35 and 10k, 46.40. Most importantly getting myself sober and fit has banished all depression and anxiety I had. You too can be happy, healthy and fit again. You just have to really want it enough and get a little help from your friends to 'overcome your obstacles'.

Entrepreneur, Company Director

Liv amos

After a loss in the family, I became the heaviest I’d ever been purely from eating bad foods and not exercising. I then realised it was only me that could change this so I joined slimming world which did initially help the weight loss but then I decided to begin training with Matt to help motivate me and learn to enjoy exercising and how to exercise properly.


Nearly 4 years later, we still train together (with my mum as well sometimes) and I have a whole new love for the gym. I slip up sometimes like everyone but I know Matt will always help me get me back on track. I’ve even began running 5Ks! I have steadily lost around 1.5 stone over those years and have managed to keep it off which is the biggest achievement.


Thank you Matt!

Primary School Teacher

Miranda Zylstra

Nursery nurse and mum of two

The first picture is of me before completing a 5k pretty muddy in July 2016! I almost didn’t complete it and when I did I felt sick, I was unfit and hated every single minute of it! I believed I could never be a runner and I didn’t run again for 2 years. 

A few things had happened in my life since then that I had let change me, I didn’t really know who I was anymore! I am a single mum of 2 wonderful children and that’s all I saw when I looked in the mirror! One day I woke up and knew I needed that to change. I’d managed to get to running 5k but couldn’t get passed that and was ready to quit when my cousin told me about Matt and a new running club he was starting. I decided I’d give it a go, and I haven’t looked back. 

Running in a group really helped me, and Matt never let me give me up! My first 10k race was in November 2018. My target was 65minutes, but Matt believed in me more than myself and told me I’d smash it in under an hour. I did that race in 58minutes. And my next one in 53! Matt pushed me when he knew I needed pushing and supported me through each race! I went from barely being able to complete a 5k, to completing a half marathon and was meant to be completing my first marathon this year til Covid19 got in the way! I also found a new love for OCR and the privilege of joining Matt’s Born Survivor team, he worked hard with the whole team training us for the event, and was such a team player, no man left behind!


Running helped me both physically and mentally, it was and is my escape and it has made me feel so much stronger both in body and mind, There isn’t a bad day that can’t be made better with a run! I have also made friends for life through the run club and I am a lot more sociable than I have ever been! I am more than just a mum!!!  Matt has been there the whole way through my journey, giving me tips and advice on my running, to build my strength and be a listening ear if I’ve ever needed one. Even now during this time he has been checking up on me, giving me advise on my nutrition and toning and providing great workouts via Facebook to keep me active! 

I am honoured to have been a part of Matt’s very first round of run club and proud to be a part of the #mrptrundamentalists!

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