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New Feb 2024
Beginners 0-5K

Yas Bean, Saturdays 0830 - 7-week course

Will start with a complimentary taster session on the 3rd Feb, 0830 at Yas Bean. The first run is a mile and a mixture of run/walk intervals. Then we stay and have a drink at Yas Bean after.


After that you can decide whether to sign up or not for £33 for the remaining 6 weeks (or £29.70 if you sign up with a run buddy).


I will progressively build up your distance each week with the group runs every Saturday. I'll provide "homework runs" every week for the group to complete when they can. 

Post run food and beverages can be enjoyed from Yas Bean with 10% off, Rundamentalist discount privilege.


16th March will be the 5K graduation run at Macclesfield parkrun 08:45 meet for a 09:00 start

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